The Damai

Bali, Indonesia

About The Damai

If Damai feels like a home, it is perhaps because it once was one. The resort started as the dream of building a home on a hill in Bali, when a Danish advertising executive passed by this beautiful, unspoiled village in the early 1990’s. Even now, decades later, when this dream of a home has grown into the region’s premier resort, Damai retains the original dream in its dna. The many personal touches, the private gardens, the collections of antiques often make you feel like you are staying in the villa of a friend, rather than in a hotel. If your friend has a staff of 100 friendly Balinese, that is.

Hard to find, hard to leave. Just a few hours from the airport, but light years away from the crowds. Here, on a green hill overlooking the sea, you find a small resort with a big view. Here you can visit some of Bali’s most iconic attractions. Find your own hidden gems. Or just lounge by the pool, enjoying views of distant volcanoes. Welcome to the true Bali – and welcome to Damai.

Damai means ‘peaceful’. Our only 15 villas are surrounded by magnificent Balinese parks and a beautiful market garden. They range in size from the intimate to the palatial, some have private pools and some do not. All are decorated with simple luxuries, that make you feel like in a home, not in a hotel.

The villas are beautiful, the restaurant and spa are outstanding and the views are sometimes unforgettable. But what truly makes staying at Damai a unique experience is the staff. Many have been with the resort since the very beginning. Most are from Kayuputih, Damai’s village, or one of the neighboring villages, like Kaliasem or Kalibukbuk. But all will welcome you with the typical grace of Balinese hospitality, just as they would if you were a guest in their home.

Note:  All functions within the resort is bound by the following time constraint and sound level restrictions. The cut-off time for the area surrounding the hotel is 12am midnight. In the case of any objections from in-house guests, The Damai Lovina Bali reserves the right to adjust the volume or stop the music.

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