The Tiing Tejakula Villas

Bali, Indonesia

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About The Tiing Tejakula Villas

Nestled at the intersection of majestic mountain foothills and the captivating, black-sand shores of Bali’s northern coast, The Tiing Tejakula Villas stands as a sanctuary of luxury and exclusivity. This boutique resort, comprising 14 lavishly appointed villas, offers guests an unparalleled retreat amidst the lush natural splendor and rich cultural tapestry of Bali. With its unique architecture and prime location, The Tiing Tejakula Villas invites discerning travelers to a once-in-a-lifetime escape in the serene embrace of Bali.

Proudly presented as the second jewel in the crown of Luwak Resort, The Tiing Tejakula Villas draws inspiration from the indigenous word “Tiing,” meaning bamboo. This homage is beautifully realized as the resort is crafted from thousands of bamboo elements, from the rooms to the lobby and spa, embodying luxury intertwined with nature. Designed with couples in mind, the resort offers an idyllic setting for honeymoons, boasting breathtaking ocean views and a tranquil atmosphere.

Accommodations at The Tiing Tejakula include the One Bedroom Pool Villas with Mountain Views, where guests are treated to a harmonious blend of ocean and mountain scenery from the comfort of their own private pool and spacious terrace. The One Bedroom Pool Villas with Ocean Views offers an intimate beachfront experience, featuring infinity pools and private terraces that overlook the endless blue horizon. Each villa is a testament to unique, sophisticated design and luxury.

Dining at Jangki Restaurant is an epicurean journey that combines the rich flavours of authentic Balinese cuisine with the finesse of Western fine dining. Ingredients are sourced directly from local fields and the ocean, ensuring a fresh, farm-to-table and sea-to-table experience.

Guests can immerse themselves in a variety of activities at the resort, from fishing alongside local fishermen and yoga sessions against the backdrop of the ocean, to diving and snorkelling in the vibrant underwater world of the North Bali Sea. Each experience is designed to connect guests with the beauty and tradition of Bali.

The Tiing Tejakula Villas is also the ultimate destination for romantic celebrations, offering an enchanting tropical landscape and the mesmerizing allure of the sea for weddings or vow renewals. Specialising in dream celebrations and intimate ceremonies, couples can exchange vows on the panoramic oceanview rooftop, creating unforgettable moments against the backdrop of a stunning Bali sunset in a private villa.

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