Villa Bali Asri Seminyak

Bali, Indonesia

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About Villa Bali Asri Seminyak

Villa Bali Asri Seminyak is a unique new group of 11 posh, private vacation villas in the heart of Seminyak, a wooded space surrounded by extravagantly lush foliage. Seminyak is an upscale area of exciting shopping, fine restaurants, and entertainment. Perfectly situated on a quiet backroad, Villa Bali Asri is a 15-minute drive from the International Airport,  a 2-minute stroll to the beach, and a 3-minute walk to the hub of Seminyak,  an upmarket locale of irresistible shopping, discriminating restaurants, and self-indulgent enjoyment.

One amazing choice for a wedding celebration is Villa 5, the 3 Bedroom Royal Villa. This magnificent and delightful villa is a perfect place to relax and the right piece of Eden to forget about your everyday routine. A stay at Villa 5 offers a captivating blend of luxury, recreation, privacy, and exemplary service. This very private villa is the perfect choice for families or a group. It includes a large swimming pool that is surrounded by an amazing garden where fish pond set in the middle of the land while the other pond is attached by the huge swimming pool.

Our living area is specially designed to help you to enjoy the sounds of nature and as it has a huge space, this oasis becomes a perfect place to have a cocktail party, small wedding party or just to host your beloved family and friends. The villa is built on 16oo m2 land and it is well located in the middle of Villa Bali Asri compound where this huge space became a very rare discovery in the heart of Seminyak.

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