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Kyoto St. Andrews Church


About Kyoto St. Andrews Church

The city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire in the north of England has a centuries-old history, and is where the St. Andrews Church originated. This independent church is now nestled in the heart of Kyoto city, with its brilliant stained-glass from the 18th century. When the sun shines through the 300 year-old stained glass, it makes the Kyoto St. Andrews Church light up like a jewel. This fascinating venue filled with romance, is the perfect venue for couples to take their vows.

In the surrounding streets, there are historical buildings registered as World Heritage Sites, stylish cafes and shops of all kinds. This area is popular not only for weddings, but also for Kimono outdoor photo shoots.

The Kyoto St. Andrews Church is now only used for wedding ceremonies, with all outside visits restricted. This ensures your special wedding experience remains private and uninterrupted.

Tagaya Bridal in Kyoto was founded as a wedding gown store over the past 45 years. They manage 3 churches (Kyoto St. Andrews Church, Osaka St. Bath Church and Kobe St. Morgan Church) and provide wedding services, wedding gowns, photography, salon, travel arrangement services. Their wedding professionals provide all-in-one wedding related services to make your wedding stunning and unforgettable.

Note: Blockout days for weddings include every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

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