Fivelements Retreat Bali

Bali, Indonesia

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Sakti Dining Room

The Sakti Dining Room overlooks a lotus pond on one side and the Ayung River on the other, and can comfortably accommodate 100 people seated. Menu presents a fine-dining healing cuisine of ‘Living Foods' comprising raw vegan fare, and other lightly-prepared plant-based dishes; modern state-of-the-art professionally-equipped kitchen; an upstairs resource centre, lounge and workplace for personal health coaching, healing food training and weddings/special occasions.

At Fivelements, we believe in the power of plant-based, sun-produced, raw vegan, living foods to cleanse and heal the body, mind and spirit. Living foods are vitamin and enzyme-rich, thus, containing high levels of nutrition. A detoxification process with us involving living foods – especially through juice fasting allows the body to more easily eradicate toxins and other unwanted substances from our bodies, thereby cleansing and promoting effective organ functionality and improving our body's natural ability to sustain positive health. Bringing more and more of these fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily consumption on an ongoing basis will assist in healthy cell regeneration for improved health, beauty and longevity.

  • Max. 100 guests
  • Restaurant/Room/Terrace
  • Garden/Forest
  • Ground/Sea-level
  • Outdoor (Covered)
  • Party until 9:30 PM
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