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Bali, Indonesia

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About Hotel Tugu Bali

Chosen as the most romantic place in the island and as a sampling of paradise on earth, Hotel Tugu Bali is a place where, upon entering, one is transported to the most romantic times of Bali. Nestled on the pristine, wave-sung sunset beach of Canggu, surrounded by the whispering rice fields and the adjacent Batu Bolong Temple, Hotel Tugu Bali was built upon a passion for the romantic beauty of the art, history and culture of Bali specifically and Indonesia in general. A vast collection of priceless Indonesian antiques and artworks adorned the hotel, blending pure tropical luxury with an out-of-the-ordinary ambience.

The hotel is designed to bring back to life the romantic, forgotten tales of Java and Bali. The hotel, owned by an Indonesian who has been collecting antiques since the early 1960s, is home to one of the largest original art collections in Southeast Asia. The main building, the Bale Agung, features a distinctive architecture inspired by a secluded village in Central Bali, whereas some of the public areas are original hundreds-years-old structures moved in entirety into the property. The suites are housed in individual buildings tucked in lush tropical gardens and natural lotus pond facing the Indian Ocean.

When you dine at Tugu, travel back through time up to hundreds of years, and find yourself in different eras, places, as well as forgotten, no longer-existent experiences of Indonesia. How you dine is not only about food, but it also involves many other aspects such as theme, setting, ritual of service, atmosphere, presentation, traditions, and history. Here at Hotel Tugu Bali, possibilities offered for your celebration are unlimited, as rich as Indonesian culture.

Note 1: All wedding packages must be combined with either a cocktail and dinner reception. 
Note 2: The entrance fee for external vendors (including decorations, photography, entertainment) is USD $300 each.

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