Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa

Bali, Indonesia

Reception Locations

Coconut Garden

Max. 100 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

The Coconut Garden is an open tranquil garden on a lovingly manicured lawn. Surrounded by tropical coconut trees and centered on a contemporary pond feature, the vast garden welcomes your wedding party for both blessings and seated dinner receptions. The garden has been designed to retain the natural tropical ambiance and is great for larger events.

Private Estate

Max. 25 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

To truly indulge yourself and your guests on the most romantic day of your life, you need to consider the beautiful Private Estates of Kayumanis Jimbaran. The Estate, your private villa, covers over 500 square metres and is revered for both its privacy and unrivaled luxury. Your ceremony will take place on a floating stage of your private pool. You will then be served wine with your loved ones from your pop-up bar, before finally dining in your private garden with a menu prepared by your private chef.

Tapis Restaurant

Max. 82 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

In a traditional Balinese dining pavilion with an open kitchen, you will find the charming setting of Tapis Restaurant. Shaded by the grove of coconut trees, the Tapis Restaurant offers its wedding party patrons a culinary discovery tour of fine Indonesian cuisine. With decor and features that mark traditional Balinese architecture, this venue is the perfect undercover alternative to the Coconut Garden.

What we love:
  • Beautifully lush, green area that is easy to decorate, design and make your own.
  • The area will be used exclusively by your wedding party.
  • A temporary pop-up bar can be provided for you and your guests on the lawn.
  • Conveniently located close to the lobby and amenities, providing easy access for guests. 
  • During the ceremony, paths leading to the Garden are temporarily closed by staff to ensure maximum privacy.
  • Great photo opportunities await at the beach, just 5 minutes walk away.
What we love:
  • The most popular option due to the unrivaled privacy.
  • Cocktails are served from your private pop-up bar by your pool, garden or inside the villa.
  • The famous personalised service of Kayumanis extends to inside the villa with waiting staff, barman and chefs.
  • You can convert the pool into a dance floor, depending on which villa you choose. However additional charges apply.
What we love:
  • The Tapis Resturant was formerly a villa, where the concept was to create a very homely and intimate environment perfect for small receptions.
  • The restaurant is divided into an indoor and outdoor area which can be exclusively booked depending on the size of your party. 
  • The outdoor area can be used as a dance floor for an open-air experience.
Things you should know:
  • While path closure signs are used, other in-house guests may still pass by.
  • Views are limited to the garden area.
  • The garden is on a slight slope, however the main blessing area is flat.
  • Ideal for larger groups.
Things you should know:
  • 11pm noise curfew applies, however the party can continue indoors.
  • Ideal for smaller groups.
Things you should know:
  • For less than 20 guests, the inside can be made exclusive however the outside is for resort guests.
  • Ideal for smaller groups.
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