Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa

Bali, Indonesia

Reception Locations

The Pool Garden

Max. 100 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

At night, the tranquillity of the forest surrounds of the Pool Garden moves up another level. Immersed in nature, both you and your guests appreciate the comfortable yet luxurious ambiance. And with ample Kayumanis staff satisfying your every need, this will be a unique experience you will not soon forget.

Dining Corner

Max. 60 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

If you prefer the choice of both indoors and outdoors, The Dining Corner Restaurant is ideal. As night begins to fall, this area transitions into a laid-back and relaxed spot with the perfect balance of luxury, nature and convenience. Together with wide and open elevated views of the lush forest, softly lit up by the moon, you will be sure to savour every moment here.

What we love:
  • This is quite a unique wedding experience, celebrating deep in the Ubud forest however still with all the luxuries you could want.
  • Night increases the privacy and intimacy here, where you will feel closer to nature.
  • The traditional bar can be used to offer drinks to your guests all night, as well as extra seating options.
What we love:
  • The elevated views extending over the lush forest, softly illuminated by the moon is absolutely stunning.
  • The deck area on the corner is perfectly sized for a cosy and intimate wedding.
  • With the bar here, your guests will be enjoying their cocktails throughout the night.
  • It is also conveniently located close to the lobby and the villas, providing quick and easy access for your guests.
Things you should know:
  • It may be more challenging for elderly to get here, being about 10 minutes walk from the lobby.
Things you should know:
  • Other in-house guests may still dine at the restaurant, however they will be seated in a separated area to maximise your privacy.
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