Khayangan Estate

Bali, Indonesia

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Reception Location

Main Lawn

The Khayangan Estate's elegant private garden with its glorious 180 degree panoramic view, spanning the ocean and the pristine Selonding Beach, is a rare feature among Bali villas and offers an amphitheater style setting that can accommodate several hundred guests – perfect for a Champagne reception.

The garden is dotted with coconut palms and bordered by terraces of gentle swaying yellow irises. The most favoured time for a wedding ceremony is around four or five o’clock in the afternoon. This is when the heat of the day has subsided but there is still enough light left for taking stunning sunset photographs within an enchanted setting. A culmination to this wedding made in seventh heaven might be a bountiful marriage feast, followed by a candlelit alfresco fiesta.

  • Max. 250 guests
  • Garden
  • Water (Ocean/River)
  • Cliff/Hilltop
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Party until 12:00 AM
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