Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Bali, Indonesia

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About Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

In the heart of Ubud far from the everyday world, between the lush river valley and fertile rice fields, sits the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, a landmark of luxury and design. Maya Ubud Resort Spa is bordered by the Petanu River valley to the east and the verdant rice fields of Peliatan on the west. The ten-hectare tract of land is a tranquil haven of tropical gardens and 108 architect-designed thatched private pool villas and luxury guestrooms, located only an hour from Bali’s international airport.

Designed by the award winning architect, Budiman Hendropurnomo of Denton Corker Marshall, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is a combination of new and traditional concepts in design. There are no intricate Balinese paintings, masks or statues. Instead a deeper, more ancient concept is celebrated through its landscape and architecture.

Maya Ubud’s setting is inspired by traditional Balinese lore of orienting villages along a north-south sacred axis (kaja-kelod), linking the mountains in the centre of the island, the realm of the gods (kaja), to the surrounding seas, the domain of demons (kelod). A central ceremonial walkway along the central ridge connects important public spaces from the porte-cochere, through the lobby and down to the spa. The villas or dwellings are then positioned on either side creating a village like axis that follows the contours of the land.

Weathered recycled timbers with modern natural materials are used to create unique interiors rich in character. Old cart wheels have been fashioned into mirror frames, table tops were formerly teak railway sleepers and traditional fish traps and baskets are handcrafted into lamp shades. All this combines to provide you and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience in a unique village-style setting.  

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