Pramana Watu Kurung

Bali, Indonesia

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About Pramana Watu Kurung

Sheltered within a Balinese village that is poised above the Ayung River valley in Kedewatan Ubud, Pramana Watu Kurung is an elegant resort designed to honour Indonesia’s rich artistic heritage. It features a collection of handcrafted Javanese wooden joglos that have been cleverly repurposed to create 18 well-appointed guest suites and villas.

Through its use of natural materials, Pramana Watu Kurung is bonded to the surrounding environment and gives the impression that it has always been part of the local village. The resort is a place where travellers can slow right down and experience the harmony of Balinese life in all its simplistic glory.

Pramana Watu Kurung is carefully designed by Wayan Wardika, a young passionate designer. The design is inspired by the spatial layout of a traditional Balinese village with “Paduraksa” a grand gate separating each space levels in the resort. This style of elaborate structure is typically used in local architecture to define the entrance to the sacred space. He also included the influence of European touch in the lobby area, design with rounded column plated with Balinese local stone craft.

A wide stone pathway lined with native flora runs straight down the middle of the resort is inspired by “Tenganan” native Balinese village. Charming wooden Javanese ‘joglo’ villas flow off this central axis to emulate the look of a small but integrated community. It’s a combination of European design with high decorative ceiling and the wide Javanese veranda.

Each accommodation option is nestled within a private compound that is accessed via a carved natural stone ‘angkul – angkul’ gate inspired by the pathway of “Penglipuran” the world famous traditional Balinese village. This classic Balinese gate creates a real sense of arrival. It has small niches on either side for daily offerings to welcome higher spirits in accordance to the island’s Hindu religion.

At the end of the path lies Lembah Ayung Restaurant, an open-sided joglo supported by intricately carved columns. This antique pavilion is the focal point of Pramana Watu Kurung and provides a place for guests to gather over good food and conversation. It is strategically positioned to capture the tropical beauty of the Ayung River Valley.

Make magic at Pramana Watu Kurung and celebrate the wedding day of your dreams in the timeless beauty of a lush river valley environment. Imagine taking your vows at the edge of the enchanting Ayung River valley, a truly breathtaking Ubud wedding venue like no other. From the simple and contemporary elegance or the mystical ambiance of a Balinese blessing. 

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