The Kayon Jungle Resort

Bali, Indonesia

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About The Kayon Jungle Resort

Elevated high above the natural splendour of a tropical valley, Puspaka Sky Wedding Chapel is a picture-perfect setting for celebrations of the heart. This charming bamboo pavilion is where couples can exchange their vows in an intimate ceremony performed before an audience of loved ones. An experienced team is on hand at The Kayon Jungle Resort to plan and execute the ultimate wedding day that promises to be magical in every possible way.

The name Puspaka comes from the epic Hindu poem known as the Ramayana, which essentially describes the trials and tribulations of a royal Indian dynasty. It refers to the flying chariot that the handsome prince Rama used to rescue his wife Shinta when she was kidnapped by the evil king Ravana. Puspaka is a symbol of true love and devotion, which are the fundamental elements of every successful marriage.

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