Plataran Bromo Resort & Venue

Java, Indonesia

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Langit Bromo

Perched on the top of a hill at the end of a long and winding mountain road, Langit Bromo is a luxurious nest in the mountains of Java, high above the clouds and right on the threshold of the Bromo volcano. At 1700 metres above sea level, the property offers superb views overlooking Mt. Arjuna and the adjacent valley, which sweeps down into the foothills, farmland and savannahs of Java below.

Stretching out over five floors, Langit Bromo is home to Plataran’s lobby, along with the JivaDevi Gallery, Langit Mahameru Bar & Lounge, and the Syailendra Venue & Dining area. In addition, the Mezzanine and viewing deck provide access to the private pool, Family Villa & House Resort, along with broad and idyllic spaces in which to stargaze or simply enjoy the view.


The perfect place to enjoy sunset views over the majestic landscapes of Java. With enough space to comfortably hold 50 guests, Kinandari Bar and Lounge provides a cosy and stylish setting in which to refuel, refresh and share stories of Bromo with other adventurers.

Putri Dewi Amphitheatre

Perched on a hill overlooking Mt. Arjuna, Putri Dewi Amphitheatre sets a stage for an unforgettable ‘above the cloud’ moment and performance. It is the only outdoor amphitheatre in the region.

  • Max. 200 guests
  • Restaurant/Room/Terrace
  • Garden/Forest, Sunset
  • Cliff/Hilltop
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Max. 100 guests
  • Restaurant/Room/Terrace
  • Garden/Forest, Sunset
  • Cliff/Hilltop
  • Outdoor (Covered), Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Max. 300 guests
  • Something different
  • Sunset
  • Medium/High
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
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