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Walk under ancient trees, which shelter Amomoxtli, the hotel in Tepoztlán that will soon be engraved in your heart. You cross the bridge that has been there for over 200 years, when it was the only way to go from one side of this valley to the other. You can hardly believe what is unveiled: lush gardens, dozens of shades of green among trees, plants and flowers.

A pristine pool. And in the background, one of the best views of the beautiful El Tepozteco mountain range, mystical nature that starts you on a journey of self-knowledge, relaxation, romance and tranquillity. At the Spa, the Temazcal reunites you with Mother Earth, affirming your most essential connection. The main house and the restaurant make it clear that by staying at the hotel, you are enjoying the most authentic hotel in Tepoztlan. 

Amomoxtli means place of magic. Such are weddings in this scenario of great beauty and mysticism. Our Wedding Planner can organise a shamanic spiritual union, a traditional ceremony and an unforgettable party, respecting the local customs and creating for the bride and groom a celebration where every detail is supervised with love and dedication.

The gardens of Amomoxtli, our beautiful hotel in Tepoztlán, you will find plants endemic to the region, such as Ahuehuete or Amate trees; an important selection of cacti, bougainvillea and various herbs that we use in our kitchen and in the treatments of our Spa and Temazcal.

Amomoxtli has the vocation to celebrate regional cuisine. Mesa de Origen, the restaurant in Tepoztlán, is faithful to our philosophy of honouring local culture, we use only regional products and recover the town’s homemade recipes. All the dishes are based on ingredients from the State of Morelos and local produce found on the market. For our guests, local cocktails, wood-fired pizza and regional fare are served on the pool area.

Note 1: Amomoxtli is a hotel for guests over 13 years of age only and we do not accept pets.
Note 2: A minimum of 37 rooms for 2 nights must be booked for a wedding to be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

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