Amari Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

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Reception Locations

Amaya Restaurant & Bar

Beach Lawn

The dedicated Wedding Beach Lawn with breathtaking views stretching out to the ocean provides a perfect, romantic open-air venue.

On the Beach

Little can be more romantic than your wedding on a tropical beach to the accompaniment of the breeze sighing and the heartbeat of the waves.

  • Max. 120 guests
  • Restaurant/Room/Terrace
  • Water (Ocean/River), Sunrise
  • Medium/High
  • Indoor (No Aircon), Outdoor (Covered)
  • Party until 11:30 PM
  • Max. 70 guests
  • Garden
  • Water (Ocean/River), Garden/Forest, Sunrise
  • Medium/High
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Party until 11:30 PM
  • Max. 150 guests
  • Beach
  • Water (Ocean/River)
  • Ground/Sea-level
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Party until 11:30 PM
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