Six Senses Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

About Six Senses Samui

Six Senses Samui is home to one of the most eco-friendly resorts on the island. Awarded “Best Overseas Hotel” in the world by Conde Naste in 2008, here you will quickly appreciate the amount of care and thought that has gone into combining luxury with ecological sustainability. The 8 hectares of lush indigenous vegetation combined with beautiful wood and bamboo features used throughout the property, creates a natural, laid-back and self-rejuvenating experience. Together with the breathtaking panoramic views to the Gulf of Siam and nearby islands, you will no doubt cherish the exotic charm here at Six Senses Samui.

What we love:

  • Six Senses is leading the industry when it comes to combining luxury and ecologically sustainability in everything they do.
  • A remarkable hideaway, Six Senses Samui is located on a secluded headland of the island with few neighbouring resorts to ensure utmost privacy.
  • The “Dining on the Rocks” restaurant offers one of the most unique outdoor wedding experiences. The intricately designed wooden decks, set at different levels and hanging off the edge of the cliff, creates an extravagant treehouse feel.
  • This resort has a well deserved reputation for serving up some of the best fine-dining on the island, at their “Dining on the Rocks” outdoor restaurant.
  • They possess some of the most unique spa treatments you’ll find on Samui, especially their holistic therapies aimed at rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.
  • Six Senses also run one-week detox programs, designed to reinvigorate your senses. A perfect way to relax for a week after the wedding rush!

Things you should know:

  • High on Six Senses’ list of priorities is to create a very natural, earthy environment for each of their guests to experience. This means you will get quite a different experience compared to your typical modern luxury resort.
  • This resort is catered to couples, and is less child friendly due to steep terrain in some areas.
  • Fireworks, paper lanterns and fire-shows are not allowed at all due to potential fire hazards. Animals are not allowed either.
  • Maximum of 10 villas per group can be booked.
  • You can have a ceremony here and reception elsewhere.
  • Official legal ceremonies are allowed here, but Six Senses does not organised it.
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