Movenpick Resort Phan Thiet

Binh Thuan, Vietnam

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Queen Anne's Revenge Ship

Nestled at the Lagoon Pool, our resort offers a unique and captivating setting for couples dreaming of a Royal Wedding theme reminiscent of the 17th century. Picture an ancient battleship as the centrepiece, evoking the grandeur and elegance of a bygone era.

As the night descends, the sky is set ablaze with vibrant fireworks that paint the darkness with brilliant bursts of colour. Multicoloured lights further enhance the magical ambience, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

The Beach

Movenpick Resort Phan Thiet's beach is the ultimate haven for couples seeking vibrancy and a profound connection with the ocean's soothing waves. Nestled along the golden sands, the resort offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Port Royal castle. Basking in the embrace of warm sunshine and gentle sea breeze, it becomes an idyllic setting to embark on a journey of love as the Bride and Groom exchange their heartfelt vows, saying "I Do."

With a picturesque coastline spanning an impressive 1 km, the resort provides ample space for couples to create cherished memories and celebrate their love amidst the serene beauty of nature.

The Lawn

The Lawn's harmonious fusion of lush greenery and enchanting fairytale-like surroundings sets the stage for a lavishly decorated wedding ceremony, ensuring absolute privacy and intimacy for the couple. The resort offers an ideal setting to savour the joy of togetherness and bask in the romance of the occasion, making it the perfect place to cherish every precious moment of their special day.

  • Max. 50 guests
  • Garden
  • Garden/Forest, Sunset
  • Ground/Sea-level
  • Outdoor (Covered)
  • Max. 200 guests
  • Beach, Garden, Villa
  • Water (Ocean/River), Beach, Sunset, Sunrise
  • Medium/High
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • Max. 200 guests
  • Garden
  • Beach, Garden/Forest
  • Medium/High
  • Outdoor (Covered)
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