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The advantages of a low season overseas wedding

When a couple decides to book an overseas wedding in an exotic location like Thailand or Bali, they will often book in the high season to maximise their chances of having clear, sunny skies – the postcard perfect image of a wedding that every couple dreams of. In the low seasons of Thailand and Bali, certain regions can experience almighty thunderstorms and severe winds (although it can also be perfectly sunny and still as well). So is there any case for booking a low season wedding abroad?

Secure the destination of your dreams. It’s not only you and your partner who have the bright idea of flying away to a tropical island to experience a wedding day with a difference. Unfortunately, this could mean that if you don’t plan ahead, you could lose the most sought after wedding venue in your chosen destination, whether that’s a beachside boutique hotel or a resort in the canopies of the jungle. When opting for a low season wedding, this poses less of a problem because you just won’t face the same amount of competition from other bridal couples as you would in the high season.

Save on costs. With lower demand comes lower prices. For any budget conscious couple who dream of a wedding on a white sandy beach or on the edge of a lagoon in the middle of a tropical island, this dream could become a reality in the low season. This is because flights and accommodation prices can be very competitive at this time of year. Of course, this is not only great for you, but also your guests and their wallets.

The venue needs to have a good backup. Many reputable hotels or venue in Thailand or Bali have hosted low season weddings before and have backup venues in place to ensure that couples have the very best wedding day, no matter the time of year or the weather on a particular day. For example, you might not be able to have a ceremony directly on the beach on a windy day, but a venue will often have a glass fronted indoor space that sits on the beachfront so you still have the spectacular views of the island around you. Make sure you are very clear on the backup options in advance of a low season wedding.

Your low season wedding can be a magical experience for you and all your guests, and at a fraction of the high season cost. There is no guarantee that your wedding day will be sunny and hot, or rainy and windy at any time of the year.

However if you’re more risk adverse, having a high season wedding does maximise your chance of perfect weather which is especially important if you’re looking to celebrate outdoors. You’ll also be able to choose from a lot more venues than in low season as not all venues have great backup locations.