InterContinental Bali Resort

Bali, Indonesia

Reception Locations

Puri Kencana Grand Ballroom

Max. 420 guests
Party until 2:00 AM

The elegantly designed Puri Kencana Grand Ballroom is air-conditioned, pillarless, and can be divided into three separate sections. It has a permanent stage area for entertainment and is complete with draping crystal chandeliers and carpet. Located in its own wing away from the main resort, the Ballroom has four grand entrances and is fronted by an foyer that can be used to receive your guests as they enjoy a glass of wine.

Candi Bentar Garden

Max. 150 guests
Party until 10:30 PM

Candi Bentar Garden is an open-air garden with beautifully manicured lawns, local trees and old weathered stone statues. The venue infuses a historic Balinese ambiance, highlighted by the Balinese ceremonial entrance gate made of carved stone. Positioned away from the main resort, and directly opposite the Puri Kencana Ballroom, Candi Bentar offers you and your wedding guest extra privacy, intimacy and seclusion.

Alun Alun Garden

Max. 150 guests
Party until 10:30 PM

Alun-Alun Garden is an intimate, tropical garden of rolling lawn shaded by trees. Positioned alongside the Jimbaran Beach, Alun-Alun is perfect for a late afternoon wedding ceremony followed by an intimate cocktail party or wedding reception under the stars. Celebrate your day with your loves ones and watch as the sun sets below the gentle waves of Jimbaran Bay.


What we love:
  • The venue ambiance lives up to its grand namesake - with a spectacular crystal chandelier elegantly draped from the centre of the pillar-less room.
  • The venue can a  have different ambiance in different areas of the ballroom.
  • The distinct areas spaces can be created in the ballroom. Dance area, a relaxing cocktail and lounge areas as well as a spacious dining area.
  • The ballroom has the most flexibility to be dressed up or down as a reception location.
  • The ballroom is a magnificent backup plan venue and can be made ready in 3 hours.
What we love:
  • An entirely private area, separated by tall hedges and a small Balinese “Candi” as the doorway.
  • The venue creates a very Balinese ambiance in a lush tropical garden. Featuring a natural pond and fountain.
  • Your entire wedding can be held here, from ceremony to cocktails, and reception.
  • The garden can be used as a pre-function area for a ballroom reception.
  • It gives you quick access to wet-weather option of the ballroom.
What we love:
  • Located on the far left side of the beach, Alun Alun is both quiet and private.
  • Lined with tall local trees which provide shade during hot days which create a tropical ambiance without interrupting the view to the beach.
  • Spectacular view of the tropical sunset from the garden.
  • Close to the beach for lantern releases.
  • The beach is quiet, and Intercontinental has the longest stretch of beach.
  • Special access for the less mobile via buggy direct to Alun Alun.
Things you should know:
  • Ballroom is recommended for larger groups.
  • The Puri Kencana is located 100m from the lobby.
  • Wedding reception rental of USD $10,285 is included in the price of food and beverage.
  • Noise curfew is 2am curfew for ballroom receptions and after parties.
Things you should know:
  • The garden is hidden away and has no view of the beach or ocean.
  • The USD $6,655 venue rental fee is included in the Intercontinental wedding package.
Things you should know:
  • The beach is a not private, but along Intercontinental's 800m stretch, there will not be many people in one spot.
  • Motorised water sports are not allowed.
  • Weather conditions during October to January can be windy and rainy. The best time to come is between July and September.
  • The USD $4,235 venue rental fee is included in the Intercontinental wedding package.
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