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Lombok, Indonesia

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About Hotel Tugu Lombok

Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on miles of pristine virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island, 15 minutes boat ride across the Gili islands and framed by the majestic sunrise over Mount Rinjani. A loving testament to the long-forgotten culture of Lombok the hotel is surrounded with chapters from the romantic epic of the Mahabharata through hundreds of beautiful artworks that are complemented with breathtaking views, various dining options and award-winning Indonesian spa offerings.

All guest accommodations are within steps from the beach, housed in traditional buildings. The clear blue water in front of Hotel Tugu Lombok is most ideal for swimming and snorkeling during the day. At night, a picture perfect tropical dream takes over; sparkling waters and shadows of the whispering palm leaves float seductively under the silvery full moon and a million stars.

At the hotel, where the heart leads is where one dines day and night. One may choose any of the available dining venues described below, or pick a most favorite romantic spot anywhere – in the garden, at the quiet beach, private dining pavilion for two above the lotus pond and so on…only surrounded by nature, torches and candle lights. Here, every wish is made possible.

Orchestrate the most special day of your life with intimate Lombok Wedding Packages at Hotel Tugu Lombok, where timeless romance and exotic luxuries blend. Architectures inspired on ancient kingdoms, sprawled over lush plantations with long pristine white sand beach facing the sparkling turquoise sea. Tugu caters for all, whether it is a quiet, intimate gathering, chic brunch, and cocktails, renewing vows, or a traditional full wedding celebration.

Our lush gardens, beach-front area, and dining rooms are the most romantic Lombok wedding venues as well as a lavish meeting venue. With meticulous attention to detail and flexibility, our event planners will ensure the perfect Lombok wedding packages, so you and your guests can enjoy and celebrate in style and luxury.

Dedicated to you the perfect Lombok wedding from the first inquiry to the last, our Wedding Assistant will help you to feel the majestic landscapes, beautiful Indonesian arts, and ancient exotic architecture that transport guests back to past eras of Indonesia’s history – eras of ancient kingdoms, romantic legends and love tales of gods and goddesses, princes and princesses – creating the most magical wedding in Lombok.

Note 1: Hotel Tugu Lombok doesn’t organise weddings on the 31st of December.
Note 2: All wedding packages must be combined with either a cocktail and dinner reception. 
Note 3: The entrance fee for external vendors (including decorations, photography, entertainment) is USD $300 each.

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