Hotel Tugu Lombok

Lombok, Indonesia

Ceremony Locations

Beach Front Lawn

Hotel Tugu Lombok's Beach Front Lawn is a long pristine white sand beach, facing the sparkling sea. It is quite a large area and accommodates up to 250 pax for a standing party or 125 pax for a seated party.

Sang Hyang Purnama

No wedding ceremony is more romantic, no vows touch the heart more than at Sang Hyang Purnama, the open-air elevated wedding altar under a million stars and the moon, by the waters and the sparkling sea of Lombok, lit by a hundred lanterns.

Purnama means full moon, and on the altar of Sang Hyang Purnama, a marriage is showered with blessings by the moon. Sang Hyang Purnama is located next to the largest pool in Lombok steps from the sea, made of the black stone from Mount Merapi, the sacred volcano of Java. No barrier is existent, the view is uninterrupted to the open sea, symbolising the magnitude that love extends between one person to another.

Bale Kokok Pletok

Bale Kokok Pletok is a rustic open air space with a 15-metre tall thatched ceiling overlooking the ocean, lotus ponds and the tropical landscape, serving fine international, Asian-tinged, oriental and authentic Indonesian cuisine for which Tugu is renown. The name ‘Kokok Pletok’ is derived from the sound that the rooster makes, and the extraordinarily long roof is decorated by a giant Lombok rooster that can be seen from the sea and miles away

  • Max. 125 guests
  • Beach
  • Water (Ocean/River), Sunset
  • Ground/Sea-level
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • There is a minimum spending of USD $3,117Net to use this venue.  

  • Max. 50 guests
  • Garden, Pool/Pond
  • Water (Ocean/River), Sunset
  • Medium/High
  • Outdoor (Uncovered)
  • There is a minimum spending of USD $1,336Net to use this venue.  

  • Max. 60 guests
  • Garden, Restaurant/Room/Terrace
  • Water (Ocean/River)
  • Medium/High
  • Indoor (No Aircon)
  • There is a minimum spending of USD $3,117Net to use this venue.  

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