COMO Point Yamu

Phuket, Thailand

Reception Locations

La Sirena Italian Restaurant

Max. 150 guests
Party until 12:00 AM

The La Sirena Restaurant is an elegant poolside venue where you can entertain your guests on the inside and out. The restaurant is open and chic, with large French windows, white tiled floors, and bamboo fixtures. Both inside and out you can enjoy the inspiring sunset views of Phang Nga Bay, whilst sipping on your favourite cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the bay views is the food, always fresh and locally sourced whenever possible. 

Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant

Max. 70 guests
Party until 12:00 AM

For those looking for a sleek indoor setting with a contemporary Thai feel, this is indeed the place for you. Designed by renowned artist Paola Navone Nahmyaa, this restaurant boasts rich woods and bold use of colors like gold. In the evening, the lights are dimmed immediately transforming this venue into a romantic retreat. Nahmyaa will also deliver you a meal to remember, inspired by local Thai street food and the four essential components of Thai cuisine - hot, salty, sweet and sour.  It’s the meal of a lifetime for the event of a lifetime.

The Private Dining Room

Max. 20 guests
Party until 12:00 AM

The perfect option for a smaller sized celebration of only close friends and family is the Private Dining Room. Designed by a renowned Italian designer, this private dining room boasts a number of unique touches including a gorgeous hand crafted glass mural that spans the length of the room. Throughout the day, this bright, sun-drenched dining room possesses views over the Point Yamu lawn and across Phang Nga Bay. And with sunlight reflecting off the ocean under the setting sun, what’s not to like.

What we love:
  • Choose from the restaurant’s four great celebration areas which comprises of their indoor area (air-conditioned), lounge area (semi open-air), outdoor area in front of the restaurant and finally the Pergola deck (open-air).
  • Large French doors protect the indoor area from bad weather, however can be fully opened up to offer a breezy covered area when conditions are better.
  • The style of the restaurant is unique and young, with jazzy black and white tiled floors and cool chic furniture.
  • Privacy is assured with the main pool in front of the restaurant closing at 7pm.
  • A beautiful outdoor bar is also located a few steps away, providing another options for drinks while your guests get their groove on.
  • Ample space for an outdoor or indoor dance floor.
What we love:
  • Bright reds, vibrant oranges and shimmering golds create a bold oriental ambiance by day. But when the lights go down at night, it transforms into a smooth, chic and romantic area.
  • Sweeping views across the luxurious pool to the ocean and islands further out, provides for a beautiful backdrop.
  • Nahmyaa is entirely enclosed affording it an extra level of privacy and intimacy for your celebration.
  • Cosy location ideal for small to mid-sized group where dimmed lights in the evening contribute to the intimate feel. 
  • Climate control allows for temperature customisation.
What we love:
  • The handle to enter is a sizeable carving of Buddha’s hand, which begins the wow factor even before entering this striking room.
  • Italian designer Paola Navone spent much time hand designing this room, adding a number of unique touches including elegant chandeliers and a beautiful glass-tiled mural.
  • The Private Dining Room offers the most privacy of all the reception options and is located closest to the lobby also for convenient access.
  • Views of the ocean and islands can still be appreciated from here.
  • Cosy and inmate feel perfect for small dinners of up to twenty of your family and friends.
Things you should know:
  • The maximum capacity varies depending on which area you choose. 140 guests for the outdoor area, 130 guests for the indoors, and up to 110 guests for the lounge and Pergola deck. 
Things you should know:
  • Smaller celebrations may be better here if you’re looking for some extra space for dancing.
Things you should know:
  • The long rectangular table in the room is a permanent fixture of this room cannot be changed. 
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