The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali

Bali, Indonesia

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Reception Locations

The Beachside

Max. 50 guests
Party until 10:00 PM

Once you’re done with your touching garden ceremony, step down and continue your celebration on the golden sand. Here, you and your guests will dance into the night under soft moonlight on this scenic stretch of beach. This long and rectangular-shaped area is surrounded by palm trees, while a line of hedges ensure privacy. Exuding a simple and romantic vibe, this secluded spot is perfect for couples looking to the end the night with a bit of laid-back fun on the beach.

The Amphitheatre

Max. 30 guests
Party until 10:00 PM

Moving a little deeper into Balinese cultural heritage, the Amphitheater is the perfect option for couples in search of a venue with a difference. This beautiful dark stone structure evokes the feeling of a traditional Balinese temple, offering mystery, romance, and intrigue. Tall palm trees and the sandy beach adjacent only add to this venue's truly unique feel. Here you will enchant your wedding guests with gamelan music concerts, traditional cultural performances, as well as a delectable dinner under the stars.

What we love:
  • Located just a short walk away from both Garden by the Sea and Serenity by the Sea, ensuring your guests can get to sipping cocktails in close to no time.
  • A neat rectangular stretch of sand surrounded by green hedges and palms, creating a snug area for you and your guests to be more intimate with each other.
  • Excellent views of white sand and ocean can be enjoyed along their impressive 500 metre long section of Seminyak Beach.
  • This space is best used with a single long table or U-shaped tables, comfortably accommodating larger parties of up to 30 of your family and friends.
  • Great privacy here, particularly in the evening.
What we love:
  • This unique stone structure, emblematic of traditional Balinese architecture and culture, offers a rare wedding experience and ambiance from long ago.
  • The two-storey layout allows the staged area below to be used for entertainment, ensuring all your guests get a non-obstructed view from above.
  • The amphitheater itself is not overly-big with only three sets of stairs going down, ensuring that small to medium groups can also enjoy this wedding location too.
  • A dance floor and small bar can also be set up here to create a festive party atmosphere.
  • Located only a few minutes’ walk from the lobby, providing easy access to your loved ones.
Things you should know:
  • The Kura Kura restaurant, a breezy thatched pavilion bordered by lotus ponds, is the main backup for poor weather.
  • Larger groups are not recommended here as tables may be stretched too far down, lessening the feeling of closeness.
Things you should know:
  • The view of the ocean can only be seen at the top of the amphitheater.
  • The Kura Kura restaurant, a breezy thatched pavilion bordered by lotus ponds, is the main backup for poor weather.
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