The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Reception Locations

The Royal Horizon

Max. 40 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

The Royal Horizon is Naka Island's grandest private pool villa and is our favourite location here. The villa itself is the most exclusive and spacious of all the villas here and has some of the best views on the island. From the beautiful open views of mountain ranges far in the distance to the amazing deep-red sunset later in the day, you will no doubt be completely captivated.

Sala Privé

Max. 50 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

Sala Privé (aka. Multipurpose Sala), translates to “Private Sala” and is a large open-air pavilion perched on top of one of the highest hills on the island. Leading down from the pavilion are long, grassy steps with white concrete edges - serving as perfect seats for your guests during the ceremony. You'll also love the additional privacy compared to the main beach and lawn areas.

The Beach / Lawn or My Grill Restaurant

Max. 120 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

The white sandy beach and grassy lawn are located besides each other in front of the two main restaurants. This area is flat and open giving you a panoramic view across one side of the island. In one glance you will catch lush greenery, manicured grass, sand, sunsets and even a few neighbouring islands. The My Grill restaurant itself has a very special close-to-nature and laid-back feeling which you are sure to love.

What we love:
  • This villa has it all including a large deck area, living room, dining room and even a full kitchen.
  • Your entire wedding from start-to-finish can be held here. Have the ceremony, cocktails and dinner on the large open deck, or choose the dining and living rooms. It's all up to you.
  • Constant lines of fresh, piping-hot food prepared by your own private chefs, straight out of your villa kitchen.
What we love:
  • The large, open and spacious area allows you be more creative with the space for things like table setup. It also gives you ample room for a dance floor.
  • Sala Privé, as the name suggests, is quite private with beautiful trees and smooth white walls surrounding.
  • This area is covered which is advantageous if the weather changes for the worse.
  • Your entire wedding can all be done here, from the ceremony to the cocktails and reception dinner.
What we love:
  • At night, the panoramic open island views turn even more beautiful and romantic.
  • The My Grill restaurant has a really unique close-to-nature feel. Ideally suited for a cozy and intimate alfresco experience, still with the awesome views.
  • This area is open and especially great for your live performances such as fire shows and fire lanterns.
  • Close to the lobby and main restaurants, it's extremely convenient for both you and your guests.
Things you should know:
  • The optimal number of people for this location is 30. Larger groups can still be accommodated however guests may be situated in different areas such as the deck, living room and dining room.
Things you should know:
  • This venue has limited views of the Andaman Sea.
  • All food is prepared at the main restaurant and needs to be transported a short distance here. Therefore, we recommend you choose from the buffet menus.
Things you should know:
  • There is another restaurant next to My Grill where other hotel guests will be able to dine. However this restaurant is not too close and also separated with a long deck and water feature in between.
  • The maximum capacity for Beach / Lawn is 80 guests for Buffet dinner and 40 guests for My Grill Restaurant.
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