InterContinental Koh Samui Resort

Koh Samui, Thailand

Reception Locations

The Beach

Max. 200 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

On this completely private stretch of beach, InterContinental has two distinct beach venues. The seaside beach is a short walk from the main guest areas and located in front of The Lawn, offering a secluded outdoor option. Alternatively, for a more conveniently located option, the Flames Beach is great. Whilst smaller, its elevated space is protected from the changing tides and provides quick access for your guests to the cocktail and reception locations.

Infinity Pool

Max. 80 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

High up on the cliff-tops and nestled by the Air Bar, you will find the breathtaking Infinity Pool. This oversized pool is both extravagant and luxurious, boasting the same open and elevated views as the Air Bar with more privacy. Ideal for an intimate outdoor reception following your ceremony at the Air Bar, the Infinity Pool is a perfect option to complete your amazing cliff-top wedding experience.

The Beachfront Lawn

Max. 150 guests
Party until 11:00 PM

For a relaxed and laid-back garden wedding with views of the open beach and ocean, The Lawn is ideal. Enclosed in front of four private beach villas and away from the main guest areas, this location is exceptionally private. This level manicured space, lined with tall palm trees on either side, is both beautiful and functional - ideal for an amazing celebration.

What we love:
  • The Flames restaurant serves both beach venues with a mouth-watering selection of Modern European cuisines cooked, grilled or flamed just moments away.
  • The long stretch of seaside beach is smooth and flat giving you more staging and decorating options.
  • The panoramic view presents amazing local sunsets to you and your guests.
  • Both beach venues have a clear view of the beautiful 150m private pier that can be used as a picturesque backdrop for your photos.
  • For those looking to stay close to their reception location, both beaches are located close to the beachfront villas.
  • The Flames Beach is unaffected by changing tides.
What we love:
  • The elevated vantage point from the roof gives a stunning view of the open ocean, mountain ranges and sweeping skies, creating a viewing platform unlike any other.
  • The level of privacy at the Infinity Pool is dramatically increased in the evening as the area is closed for your exclusive use.
  • The substantial space around the Infinity Pool is ideal for medium to large groups.
  • The romantic atmosphere is heightened by the illuminated cliff-top pool and floating tea lights.
  • It is near the lobby, restaurants and the suites, ensuring that less time is taken by you and your guests to move between locations.
What we love:
  • This is the most private venue in the resort.
  • In the evening, this location offers you and your guests a magical view of the beach and ocean.
  • This location, at the foot of the beachfront villas, gives you a convenient place for you and your guests to retire after the celebration ends.
Things you should know:
  • While InterContinental Samui’s beach is private and free from tourists, your reception may still be visible to other in-house guests.
  • The available space on the seaside beach is dependent on the changing tides, so make sure you consult with management. The Flames Beach alternative is unaffected by the tides and lends itself as an ideal backup.
  • It is advised that your guests to be transferred by complimentary buggy to both beach locations.
Things you should know:
  • Limited space and no space for a dance floor as the tables will take over the whole area.
Things you should know:
  • To have your wedding here, you are required to book out the four beachfront villas facing The Lawn for minimum 2 nights. This is perfect as it gives you and your guests exclusive use of the venue not only for the ceremony and reception, but during your entire stay.
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