Paresa Resort Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Reception Locations

Infinity Pool Deck

Max. 80 guests
Party until 10:00 PM

The Infinity Pool Deck is a romantic and extremely private area, designed to create an incredibly intimate atmosphere. Candlelight dinners for two can also be held in the shallow Infinity Pool above, for couples wanting to have a more personal end to their special day. The ambience in both areas is relaxed.

Talung Thai Restaurant

Max. 80 guests
Party until 10:00 PM

Paresa’s signature restaurant offers diners something special, with breathtaking views from its clifftop setting and great food to accompany. Our Thai and International chefs create simple and wholesome cuisine, focusing on the quality of the ingredients sustainably sourced through trusted local farmers, fishermen, and producers of fine ingredients. Talung Thai has been presented a Michelin award from 2019 to 2022. 

Andaman Gallery Dining Room

Max. 50 guests
Party until 10:00 PM

Perched on the steep cliff accompanied by lush, evergreen trees, and overlooking the pristive views of the Andaman Sea, our well-designed. Andaman gallery is set to pamper you and the whole crew with warm embrace. With spacious room and relaxing ambiance, complementing the exterior atmosphere, your wedding will be seasoned to perfection.

What we love:
  • Very, very private where no guests pass by unless invited.
  • Close and intimate ambience - just you, your guests, the stars and the sea.
  • The candlelight dinner for 2 is held on a little platform on top of shallow water, giving the feeling of floating on water. It’s an amazing experience!
  • The cool breeze from the sea.
What we love:
  • These restaurant is located just below the Miracle lawn so still have the same breathtaking 270 degree view and sunset.
What we love:
  • Great views from the restaurant, especially from the outdoor balcony.
  • Completely private indoor option with air conditioning.
  • Venue closes a little later at midnight instead of 11pm.
Things you should know:
  • There are quite a few steps to get there from the drop off point.
  • It’s quite dark at night, intended as part of the ambience.
  • You can party till 12am, however music needs to be turned down at 10:00pm.
Things you should know:
  • Not completely private. These are Paresa’s only restaurants, there to service all hotel guests. So unless you pay additional surcharges, other guests can dine there also.
  • Exclusive use of restaurant has a surcharge of USD $3,272.
Things you should know:
  • Smaller groups only.
  • No band or DJs are allowed. Only soft music is permitted.
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