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SALA Phuket Resort & Spa

Phuket, Thailand

Ceremony Locations

The Beach

Max. 75 guests

This open yet extremely private beach is set against an unforgettable Thai sunset that will make even the most seasoned travellers stop in awe. The beach is perfect for a hair-down, bare-foot beach ceremony. Lying on the shore is a rustic old boat and a vintage swing - perfect for those wedding photos. Located moments walk from the villas and the reception location, this spot is ideal for both small and medium-sized wedding parties.

The Garden

Max. 75 guests

The garden is a large open-space ceremony option, surrounded by the sound of swishing tall green trees. Providing refuge from the glare of the setting sun, it still creates a picture perfect contrast of shadow and sunrays breaking through the trees. The garden is a beautiful venue, and is ideal for brides looking for a garden wedding with a view of the beach and sunset.

What we love:
  • Private beach area, free from any unwanted guests.
  • Tropical palm trees actually separate the garden area from the beach area. Almost like a natural wall between your wedding party and other SALA guests.
  • Absolutely no noisy water sports around this area (due to special national park restrictions).
  • Beautiful sunset which falls in the middle of the beach.
What we love:
  • Beautiful and uplifting garden feel with a view of the beach and sunset.
  • Close to the villas, making access to and from preparation rooms easier.
  • This area is extremely functional. Situated close to the bar, guests can move onto the bar and restaurant following the ceremony.
  • Natural shade for those hot tropical summer days.
  • Flat terrain means it’s easier for your guests to move around.
Things you should know:
  • It can get windy depending on the time of year. Thinking ahead and planning for the appropriate type of decorations will ensure a perfect day.
Things you should know:
  • The SALA beach bar, restaurants and pool is not too close to the Garden, however is in plain sight due to the flat terrain. Important to note, guests are always notified beforehand of weddings and typically respect the couple’s privacy.
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